"Bulky Item" - Funny, But Sad

So I was doing the "carry a bulky item" through the store shop. While I was carrying the item, another customer approached me and asked If I wanted a cart. This was in view of an employee, who said nothing. I've never had an employee offer a cart on any shop...sad.

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I've never been offered a cart either, so I don't understand why they even do that shop since they're obviously not stressing to their employees to offer one, but whatever.
I was offered a cart on a Big Lots shop when I shifted my bulky item from one arm to the other in sight of an employee.
Not the same shop but along the same lines the mailing shops have had a question about someone acknowledging your wait. For several years I have not been acknowledged ever and wondered why they even had the question in there. Then a few days ago a clerk actually did it the correct way.
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