Where did Jack go?

I know a lot of folks won't do the Jack in the Box shops. I usually do up to 5 of them as a route when they're paying $17-21 each. Last week I noticed that they never got up to their usual end-of-the-week fees so I didn't do any. Now they're ALL gone from the job board. Anybody heard anything? (Apologies if I missed a discussion. I looked but didn't see one.)

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I still see plenty of them. In fact, I shopped 3 of them today. If you do not see any available JIB shops, then I think this month's JIB shops in your area have all been shopped. Next month's shops should show soon.
I saw the new round for this week early on Monday. Later on Monday, all those near me had disappeared. I'm in Texas. Maybe all of Texas' shops were cancelled for the week?
LOL! I live in Houston and I'm guessing ive shopped at least 30 different Jack locations. Surely nobody is THAT hungry!
Why are they now asking if they are hiring or if you see the hiring signs?

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@Carlox1571 wrote:

Why are they now asking if they are hiring or if you see the hiring signs?

They have now taken it off the form.
The scheduler gave me this info. The supplier is having issues with the routes in TX/OK/LA, causing shortages there, so the client has asked that we pause shops at those locations for 2 weeks, hope to resume 9/20. That is why the shops disappeared in those 3 states.
I haven’t heard anything from the company but I’ve been doing Jack shops for a while and I’ve noticed that towards the end of the quarter they kind of taper off and should come back around October 1st. Just my two cents, hope it helps.
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