If I get to Give Guys close to 4:15

I have a Five Guys shop and I'm going to get there just before 4:00. I have to stay 20 minutes, if I'm 3 minutes past the 4:15 cut off will I still get paid for this?

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I thought the shop had to be completed by the cutoff.

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I just read the Guidelines for the shop I did today. It does not address how late you can begin within the assigned time period. It does say that you have to stay in the dining area for 15 minutes AFTER you receive your order.

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I always went under the belief that you had to start by the given time, not finish. I've left after the start time listed with no problems.

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I agree that the time refers only to the start time of the shop. As long as you arrive before or by then, and stay the required 15 minutes after receiving your order, you should be fine.

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Yes, you have to start within the time that is given. They are not like Seelvel where you have to be there 20 minutes before the end time of your shop. Dinner is 5 P to 8 P but do make sure you are there by 7:40 so you have time to get the meal during the dinner hour. It took me 40 minutes to get something yesterday and then you have to explain why it took so long. Maybe it is because they do not pay that well and people are tired of it. Eventually, we will pass on the low ball offers and will only do it for the free meal every now and then.
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