Ruth's Chris

Hello All, new to the forum- but not to the world of mystery shopping.. I used to get Ruth's Chris shops twice a year in my area but I haven't seen any lately.. anyone know where I can find them nowadays? I use Presto and Sassie for the most to hearing more suggestions as well. I'm in Central Florida and Virginia Beach. THANKS!

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They are with a different MSC now. One that usually does not pay a fee, only reimbursement. Not a Sassie company or Presto.

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They are with two different companies. One doesn’t pay a fee and the other has tough editors.
It wasn't that long ago that I still saw some wirh the same Sassue company that had them near me, but I only happened ro catch the out of state stores, franchises, I think. Like with other places, could be they have cut back on the program sone.
They have a very limited menu now. Sometimes they have no fish and they only have one price fixe dinner where I live.
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