Panda Express: Green Screen of Death?

I did several PE shops yesterday, along with two other shops for the same MSC. I got some green screens and had to log back in. Lost quite a bit of work even though I was saving periodically. I missed one of the other reports' midnight deadline. There was a nice bonus for that shop.

I'm not home right now and my laptop's battery is about to die. I sent a couple messages to the scheduler to see whether she could make an exception this one time. The shop will probably disappear soon from my shopper log.

Has anyone else encountered green screens when working on PE reports?

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This post is not relevant to Panda Express, but is to the MSC AND missing their deadline.

In Dec., I was assigned a gas station at $33 + ?. When I reviewed the report, though, I was confused by its brevity. The scheduler and I exchanged a few letters, with the problem being solved, but not before the shop expired and the job removed. As I had completed fewer than 10 shops for the company over an 11 year period, I accepted that was their manner of conducting business. I was extended the opportunity to reapply, but decided I did not need the aggravation and passed. I am NOT criticizing the company. The scheduler quickly responded to my inquiries, but it took time for her to sort through and identify the problem on my end.
My scheduler was kind enough to keep the shop on my shopper log. However, she reminded me to only accept shops where I can complete and submit the reports by the end of the day. I wrote her back and let her know that the technical issues and the delays they caused were something beyond my control.

Have I sometimes bitten off more than I could chew? Sure. This was not one of those times. I have done both PE and the other shops before and knew how long it usually took for each report. I have never come across those green screens in any SASSIE report before.
oh dear, more Sassie problems. They could easily move the PE shops to their quick pay mobile app and bypass all the problems with Sassie completely. '
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