Got sick in January, had to cancel shops. Will this affect my ratings?

I lined up a bunch of shops and suddenly got bronchitis (not Covid). Had to cancel almost all of my shops. Lost a lot of money. I had to contact shedulars and tell them I had bronchitis. I couldn't talk and breath at the same time. Does canceling shops because of illness affect your ratings? I moved some shops from early Jan to mid and late Jan, that had to just cancel them. I couldn't talk without losing my breath. I had a choice, talk or breathe. but you can't do them at the same time.

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1. Your health is paramount.
2. Good luck with how each company handles your situation. Since many of them already had in place a Covid-era policy in which shoppers who had any of various symptoms could and should cancel without penalty, you might be included in this policy. You could check how each company is/was handling scheduling in the Covid era because no one should be taking chances with potential Covid or any other health condition that could harm shoppers or anyone else.
3. I hope you feel better now! smiling smiley

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One thing I should not have done, was to reschedule shops while I was sick. The illness lasted longer than I thought it would. I ended up cancelling some shops twice. That I know hurt me.
The same thing happened to me in Dec, I got citations for canceling but it has not affected my ability to get shops in Jan or Feb and on 1 shop, I completed but got sick before I uploaded my documents (biz card, paperwork, aka things they cancel your shop for not having) and I still got paid for it. I had 2 winter storms, 1 in jan, 1 in feb, I had to cancel a lot of shops and my scores didnt drop.
Dont beat yourself up about it.
@mjt9598 wrote:

Some companies are understanding, and some will punish shoppers by giving them a low score for cancelling.

This. I had to cancel a shop at the very last minute due to one of my kids being in the hospital with a brain injury (he almost died). The scheduler gave me a "1" on the shop. I'm not sure if she thought I was lying or what, but it didn't affect my ability to get shops with that MSC. A few months later I had to cancel due to him having a relapse, and I could not leave him alone in the house. The scheduler was so understanding, and there were no repercussions. I'm still in good standing them. I just wish they had more shops in my area!

I think it depends on the individual scheduler and/or MSC. You can't help being sick; if a company or scheduler holds that against you, do you really want to work for them? OTOH, I suppose there *are* shoppers who lie about these things and ruin it for the rest of us who are truthful.

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I had this happen 2-3 years ago — most everyone was understanding, with the exception of B Business Solutions and JMRidgway who both locked my account — sent them e-mails but not response. If anyone has any tips for them — I’d appreciate it — they were never major players in my shopping, but occasionally would have a slew of good projects — which happened that particular week.
It really depends on the scheduler. Let's remember that they have probably heard it all and work for multiple companies just like us. They have deadlines and it may hit them really hard when someone cancels. They do get to know some of us over the years, but there are flakes out there who ruin it for the rest of us.
I have had to reschedule shops and/or cancel them and I didn't have any repercussions. It probably depends on the MSC and the scheduler.
This just reminded me of the day I threw out my back and was immobile with a pending trailer check due that day. I called the company, that has since changed names and become well known for deactivating shoppers. I was unlinked from the assignment with no repercussions.
Hubby & I just got over Omicron about a week ago. I had two assignments for two different MSCs scheduled the week I was sick....and one was a largely bonused, 1st-time MSC!! I wrote each MSC an apologetic note and asked for a week's extension....they each gave it to me with no repercussions!!! And I still got that large bonus from the new-to-me MSC, which wrote me that I did a great job! Phew!! So it would depend on the MSC/scheduler.
Oh yes and because of weather. Remember they are in this for the company they could care less about you or your health.
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