What do you enjoy about mystery shopping?

I like the portability of the work; one week I can be doing paid work in Chicago, the next I’m in Houston or maybe Albuquerque. I’ve begun traveling again, now that I’m vaccinated and fully boosted against Covid-19. It’s fantastic, the freedom of digital nomad work.

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I like getting a paid meal so that I don't have to shop or cook myself.
I like shops that are nearby and worth my time.
I am very picky about the ones I take, so there are more shops I don't like (not worth what they are offering) than ones I do.
To each his/her/their own.
It's great to be able to pick and choose which shops you would like to do. I found out I am in my happy place with improv and not so much with company provided questions and love reimbursed meals at places I can't otherwise afford.
Mystery shopping allows me to be financially comfortable in retirement. I love the freedom and flexibility to work when I want and how I want. Life’s good. smiling smiley
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