Signing up with MobiAudit

I have the app on my phone, (new to this one) and it asks for my profile info - ok, but then it asks for my Server URL? what? what Server URL? I am using my iPhone.

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it is the URL address for the company. Remember that IPSOS no longer uses Mobi, but other companies that use shopmetrics still do.
So the "profiles" that it's asking for are all of the individual shopping companies' URLs, your user names for them and the passwords. It's a real bother entering each one separately. But the app is good to report on.

I have only used mobiAudit for Ipsos (no longer uses MobiAudit) and Alta360. And it seems to still work with the new shopmetrics platform. I don't know what other companies use it.
I'm pretty sure all of the Shopmetrics companies, except Ipsos, can be used with it.


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