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Since last fall, the USPS reimbursement doesn't cover my mailing costs for one of the addresses I regularly use. Today, when I did a shop, the reimbursement will not cover the cost for the second address I mail to. In the past, the MSC raised the reimbursement to align with the increased cost, but I have seen no action that this will occur. My packages meet the recommendation of being between one and two pounds. Is anyone else having a similar problem?

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I live on the SE coast of the US. I have a nephew in CA. Sometimes I've sent him something doing a mailing shop that was under 2 pounds, and the cost was around $17.00! The only way I could send it to him was that the shop was bonused to $25.00, so the overage in cost was covered plenty by the bonus. I've been able to send packages OVER 2 lbs to my son and family one state away from me and come in under reimbursement, usually between $9 & $10. Sending to my sibs up in New England will run me close to reimbursement if under 2 pounds. So I've learned where to mail to stay under reimbursement.
I started having an issue last December. Now, my family on the West Coast is getting fewer impulse packages.

(Tomorrow I'm mailing a birthday gift to Oldest Granddaughter, and the reimbursement will be a nice down payment on the total cost.)

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I look for people who live in zone 5 me and we send unimportant stuff back and forth. If you are looking for someone to do that please PM me. I live in South Florida.
I always look for people to mail back and forth to.
My zone 5 packages still come under the reimbursement including box cost. To zone 8 where my son lives the cost now is $16.10 which would bring the net fee down to $9.90. Zone 8 is 1800 miles plus so for those of us on the coast we can only ship to half the country. Next month is the last month of the quarter so I am expecting a few bonuses around here in rare bonus land. I do think they should reimburse at least for the entire country which would be $16.10 to the furthest place on the mainland.
The hazmat shops require zone 5 or above so that does not leave many choices as the reimbursement for them is also $14.
These jobs are so much easier than most retail that pay even less than $12 in my town and I get the bonus of mailing a care package to my kids.

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Hi Insight, if you are in Florida you are zone 8 for me.. But also I try to stick with reimbursement shops where I get value over and above the measly pay. Otherwise it makes no sense for me as much of the fees goes to taxes.
The value for me with these shops is sending my family a goodie box. One now costs me $2.10 over reimbursement and another 75 cents. The shopper fee hasn't changed since I first started shopping these, but I didn't mind too much because the reimbursement covered the cost.
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