When you don't need to buy a milkshake but you buy one anyway

For Five Guys. And then you do the report and it asks 'Did you buy a milkshake?" What do you say? I've been buying them because my kids like them, and then when it asks in the report if I bought one I say yes, and then it has me evaluate it! I don't claim it for reimbursement, but I would be lying if I said I didn't buy one! BUT they might stop having milkshake shops and I'm evaluating milkshakes for free, so should I start answering 'no' because what they probably mean is 'Did we ask you to buy a milkshake and did you?'

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The milkshake is apparently on your receipt, so I think that you have to answer yes. My suggestion is to buy the milkshake on a separate receipt. Even when I do a milkshake shop, I buy it separately as I am leaving the store.

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I would not buy a milkshake on a non-milkshake shop for another reason: timing. If you must, order it separately so it does not affect the timing of your shop order.
I'm with BusyBeeBuzzBuzzBuzz, since they have shops w/ and w/o a milkshakes, if not a requirement, I would order the milkshake separately. Although, in my experience the milkshake hasn't delayed an order as it is the 1st thing I receive. I'm actually surprised the MSC lets it pass when not required but purchased (even so you are not claiming for reimbursement). Some shops with other MSC's are very specific and will not let you order more than the requirement, while others are flexible and let you order what you want.
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