Any people in East Asia?

I discovered this forum very recently, however I'm much interested about whole forums.
I learned a lot, and had much fun in reading and surfing...

Nevertheless, i found there were no such topics about jobs & companies in Asia.
Actually, I'm living in South Korea now and there are several global companies, including IPSOS and Albatross(CXG now?), but unfortunately there is no such local forum or community talking about mystery shopping like here. As I know there should be shoppers in Asia also, so I'm very curious how they are doing, and the companies which I've never assigned pay well or not. Sure I would like to my experiences to others, in case of not violating rules.

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The closest I know of is a Facebook group: []

That said, If you haven't tried them out, consider the following MSCs which (regularly or occasionally) have shops in KR:

AQ (both Shopmetrics and Sassie)
BARE (Sassie)
BVA (headquartered Paris; propriety)
International Service Check (propriety)
Service Integrity (Sassie)
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