Image shops, pick the exact date

The last round of these shops we just had to pick the Friday of the week we planned to do the shops. Now, after I did an entire shop and couldn't submit it, we have to pick the day. No allowances for weather, no rescheduling, no extensions.

We have had thunderstorms and locally heavy downpours every afternoon and evening this week, and most of last week too. And for the next several days it says it's going to be more of the same. Now what? How can I plan shops 2 weeks ahead for weather that changes by the hour, even the "meteorologists" on tv can't say where or when the storms will pop up?

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My first dining assignment was in 2003. For the shop, I was given a window of seven days, with a fee of $10 + a reimbursement of $30; in addition, a guest was not required. I do not recall when the situation of picking an exact date became the norm, but I figure that practice into my fee requirements. As an example, the pre-2022 Strategic Reflections had a shop window of three days, which was easily adjusted by phone; therefore, I worked for less.
It's not just weather that would be an issue. If you are locked into a single day, you can't take advantage of great bonus opportunites that might pop up elsewhere. That's why I don't do dining shops any more. Not because I don't want to, I just can't justify locking in a single date and possibly missing out on a lucrative route.
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