Gulf Gas Stations

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They are not too bad. They are easier than shell and easier than exxonmobil. I would say they are similar to Sinclair and Valero.
Gulf is one of the easiest brands out there. Don't need pictures of all the pumps. Gas reimbursement is worthless right now, though.

A few more required photos, but they're easy to get. If doing one for the first time, note that they really care about the POP requirements. Also, always get a photo of the credit card applications, even if compliant.... just in case.

I do get more uniform photo refusals with this brand than EM and Shell combined, but that's not a big deal, really.
I love the Gulf, because they can be completed on site, on the app, which does work seamlessly. The app even lets you add extra photos, something other apps just don't, so you can illustrate anything you want. 45 minutes on site, no reporting when I get home! (I AM slow, so probably much quicker for other shoppers. )

You do have to have photos of both restrooms, so sometimes there's a short delay. I always ask an employee to check the restrooms for patrons. Requires safety vest and selfie in same.

There are only 7 Gulf stations in the entire state. I do six of them every chance I get.

One of them has a Hardee's on site, love those burgers!

Great scheduler, responsive and knowledgeable. (May have different schedulers in other parts of the country. )
I don't mind the Gulf stations, unfortunately there's only one in my area. What KA said about the POP is correct. I didn’t thoroughly read the POP guide, I just saw the pictures, and a picture showed the same POP that I saw at the station. But I was wrong. Certain types of POP are only OK under certain circumstances, so you need to know which which pictures are good pictures and which pictures are bad pictures.
While the work requirements don't seem as particularly onerous as with the Shells, Sinclairs, and BPs, I have never really found the pay to be good enough to get much of my attention. I would lump these in the same category as I would the Valero's. Not as much of a pain in the butt to do as some other shops, but not as great pay either - at least at base pay.

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