Geo-Tagging Photos Courtesy of Jennifer at ISecretShop.

TrendSource also has a button on their app you need to press when you arrive onsite to start the shop.

I want to give credit to ISecretShop. Jennifer posted this on their site. Perhaps it will help someone.

"Jennifer E.
Posted 05/02/2022
Subject Geo-Tagging Best Practices

Many assignments have the requirement to capture a geo-tagged photo as the proof of visit and there are several steps that can be taken to help ensure that geo-tagging capabilities are activated.

1) Use the iSecretShop mobile app (not mobile website) when submitting your report.

2) The first question found in the ‘’visit details’’ section of the questionnaire asks you to press a button when you are on site. This allows the app to capture your longitude and latitude. If you submit the remaining questions when you are no longer on site, DO NOT press that button again as it will replace the original geo-tagging with your new location.

3) Go into the settings of your mobile device and turn on locations services for both the iSecretShop mobile app AND your camera.

It is important that you select ‘’precise geo-tagging’’ and not ‘’ approximate geo-tagging’’ if you have this option on your device.

Below are the links to the instructions on how to activate the location settings on iPhones and Android. If these instructions are not applicable to you, do a google search for your specific device’s make and model.

iPhone: []

Android: []

4) Only upload photos from their original source (directly from your photo gallery or by taking the photo within the iSecretShop mobile app).

•Do not send the photo via e-mail in order to save it on your computer as the metadata will be lost.

•Do not take a screenshot of the original photo as it wont contain the metadata of the original photo.

5) Run a test by using and upload one of your photos to analyze the data that is being captured. If you see longitude and latitude info, you should be good to go.

iSecretShop can not assist in troubleshooting Lat Lon on your device. If your image has Lat Lon data, the app will be able to read it. If it does not have the metadata, we cannot help with device settings. Please search your specific device online for more information on how to ensure the Geo-Tag information is captured and remains on the photos.

Thank you for using the iSecretShop system!"

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It would have been nice to have the metadata website for the QSR shops. When I submitted it said my photos weren't geotagged yet I followed all of the directions provided. It would have been nice to test my settings beforehand.
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