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Well I blew another shop. I went in and waited on a platform representative. After 11 minutes a lady says I am sorry it is taking so long. She is not a platform rep. so I pay little attention to her. I wait another 12 minutes and the platform rep. comes out and tells me and the client ahead of me that the wait will be at least another 45 minutes. I have now waited for 23 minutes with no hope of seeing a rep. for another 45 minutes so I left. Turned in the report and had it rejected because I was not in the bank for 30 minutes waiting. I could have lied and stated I was there the whole time but refuse to lie. I should of stayed the other 7 minutes but forgot about the total time element in the instructions. I guess I am still human and after 6 years of shopping still open to mistakes. Today I will go back and do the shop at the same location correctly.

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I've had that happen at a bank, too. Fortunately, I did wait just long enough in that instance, much to my hubby's consternation, and receive credit. A guy can only play Angry Birds in the parking lot for so long! winking smiley

I did get stung one time when I didn't think about how it was only 3:50pm instead of the magical hour of 4:00pm and entered a grocery store. I could have fudged it, hoping they wouldn't have looked at the security footage. That's not how I roll, either, though! I just hope they reported the reach-in meat cooler's 50-degree reading to the company as a courtesy even if they couldn't submit the report. tongue sticking out smiley
wjones, sorry to hear you did not get paid for a shop. I find the best way, if possible, to avoid the wait at banks,is to try to hit them early in the morning. I always avoid the lunch hour. If after waiting ten minutes, and I have something else to do in the area, I will return later.
On a totally different shop, I was supposed to stay it the store for 15 minutes. There were no other customers and only one sales person. I answered all the questions, followed the scenerios and was done is 10 minutes. I was nto paid for the shop becuse I was not there 15 minutes. That really makes no sense. It really sends up a red flag to the employee as to why I am hanging around. Also ,there is nothing to buy for the $1 reimbusement although others say thet they have things ont her clearance table. Not so here.
I remember one vitamin shop in the mall with a time requirement and a tiny shop with very little to look at and two reps that really really wanted to keep helping me. It was PAINFUL to stay in that store long enough..........and I have never done another one of that shop...............
G8r, did you include the time, it took you to make your purchase? Many mystery shop companies, state that you must remain in the store for at least fifteen minutes in order to get paid. I hate when you have to search around for a $1.00 purchase. Some of the office supply stores, have items like a pad or hand sanitizer for $1.00 plus tax.
I tend to be an over-stayer, just in case. However, one time, I really outstayed my welcome! I had an appointment to go to in the area, so I lingered, and my exit time was after the window for the shop. I give credit to the MSC, who told me they were going to try to submit it, and ultimately it was accepted. But from that experience, I've learned not only to enter on time, but also to exit!
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