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Sign up with mystery shopping companies. Some of them have online (I assume you mean internet?) shops, and some of them have phone shops. They vary over time. When it comes to both internet and phone shops, you are my competition.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
It seems to me every time I log onto IPSOS there's a blurb that says there are 1100 online and phone shops also available.

I am no one's competition in either -- for online, my skills aren't up to it, and phone calls, I merely hate them.

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Love the phone shops. You make precious little money but I'm surprised how quickly I can plow through 5 or 6 in a day...I'm often done by 3PM. My "goal" is to make money every day. Either at my "real job", mystery shopping, merchandising, free lancing, or Uber/Lyfting. Its not big money on the phone shops but I'll take it; especially relative to the amount of work I perform.

As for whom to contact....IPSOS, RBG, Intellishop has some now and then. BARE has some too I think.
BARE had a pretty lucrative one for auto insurance. I met with the agent in person but could have done it via ZOOM or SKYPE
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