Are you sometimes surprised your shop was accepted?

I have done shops where I thought I put in the bare minimum, just to get it filed, so it's not late. I than see the shop was accepted shortly after I filed the report.

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No, I'm always floored when I get questions lol. I haven't been doing this too long though. I've had one shop that was flat out declined and it was due to missing one small detail. I was really irked about it but they didin't allow for any correction, etc. I was glad the money I spent was for something I would have gotten anyway.
The benefit of being a pessimist: all my surprises are positive!

I am ALWAYS pleased and surprised when my pay is okayed.

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Yes, i've done a few that I know were not my best work, figuring I might get a question or two, but received a 10 with no questions asked.

The reverse is frustrating tho. When you really put everything into submitting a great report and the editor comes back with a zillion questions.

While editors do vary, I sometimes feel it depends on the pressure the MSC is under to get the shop completed and submitted to the client.

@johnb974 wrote:

I have done shops where I thought I put in the bare minimum, just to get it filed, so it's not late. I than see the shop was accepted shortly after I filed the report.
I had a series that I did for one company. The guidelines were just about the hardest to follow I have ever seen. I stressed over those things, vowing they were going straight to my ten-foot-pole list. I would not have been surprised, much less blame them, if they had rejected the whole stack. But they accepted them all. That actually surprised me. On the flip side, I have also had a couple rejected that I never honestly figured out why.

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I think that the vast majority of projects value quick turnaround (getting your report done on-site or within hours) over detail and an exhaustive examination.

I’m way more likely to turn in work immediately as a result. If I write two sentences instead of three or four, they don’t seem to really care.
Yes definitely, always nice to check off on my excel sheet that it was accepted no matter how it was!

A couple weeks ago, I had a job, and I think it was actually scored a 9/10, but the reason it was dinged was completely unfounded, as I completed the shop to guidelines. Crazy the difference your editors can be. It bothered me for a while, but I mean I'm getting paid so that's what's really important.
I am surprised when my negative reports go through.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Yup. I've had a few that I stressed over and thought they might be declined. But they weren't. One that I did that should have been rejected, and that I thought would be, due to a lack of a required photo was accepted--with a "don't do that again" warning. It was nicely worded, though, and I appreciated the slack they gave me on that.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
I'm surprised mystery shopping gets paid at all. smiling smiley smiling smileysmiling smiley

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