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mawurth -

It's against the contract that most mystery shopping companies require their shoppers sign to disclose which companies they work for...

Shoppers usually are not allowed to reveal any information about the mystery shopping companies clients...

You could try contacting Chili's directly, but I recommend signing up for as many mystery shopping companies as you can...
I have been a mystery shopper for over ten years now. I feel I would be an asset to your company to shop for you as I am very familiar with what good customer service is and what is expected of employees to make truly a "great dining experience". Please consider me.
Judy A. Miller (727) 492-1168 phone
(727) 857-1459 fax email
Hi just wanted to let you know that *** you have to take a test for them. Hope this helps.

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I am interested in eating out at Chili's I Waitress for 10 years and was a hostess for 4 years. So I know a lot about customer service. I also clean houses and business so I can rate how clean your restaurant is.
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