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I'm really new with mystery shopping. And I'm thinking of joining Shadow Shopper, anyone here has already experienced with this company. You're opinion is badly needed...

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I wouldn't do it. Maybe someone else can weigh in as well, but I don't see it being worth it. The old adage, "Never pay to shop".
99 bucks was not worth it...(forgot to cance their free trial) i suggest you pass... all the stuff they have listed can be found elsewhere...

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Just make sure you know what you are getting into first, Shadow Shopper is not a Mystery Shopping company. They just post jobs from other companies that you can sign up for. So technically if you are signed up with all of the MSC which cost nothing then you wouldn't need them. Not sure where cooldude gets $99, but I think they charge $5 a month for gold and there is no trial. The only possible benefit I could see is to pay for one month just so you can find out which companies have work in your area and then sign up directly with them and cancel after one month.

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I did the free trial when I first started shopping and then signed up for another quarter. My first jobs came from the folks registered at Shadow Shoppers. After I earned my wings and found this forum, I didn't need them anymore. You can find the same companies here without paying so unless you have a free trial, don't go there. winking smiley

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99 for the year... it was when I first started so the price might have changed... but regardless not worth it at all... if you are looking for a site that posts stuff and helps you not have to check your email constantly jobslinger is a much better deal... they only charge 18 for 3 months and its much easier than checking the sassie site emails which 9 times out of 10 are not in your area anyway.. i am constantly getting emails for "flyers out of Miami Dade" or "Washington state casino shops" i dont need reminders that i cant afford to travel...

shopping north west PA and south west ny
I joined too and they offer their program for a cheap trial, but in the fine print, if you don't cancel after a month they withdraw $99.00 from your bank account. Also when you try to cancel, it wont let you. Then if you try to fight the charge, they send so much paperwork to your bank that you end up paying them or end up on chex systems if you close your bank account to keep them from withdrawing the amount.They are terrible people. is much better. I get jobs from them all the time.
Our company uses Shadow Shopper on a daily basis to find new shoppers. It's up to you whether you want to sign up but once you are registered with them, companies and schedulers can find you. They do have a free signup (Bronze Member) as long as you cancel after the trial. I am not sure if other companies are in need for new shoppers as much as we are but I think it's a great tool. As far as the “never paying to shop”; that involves paying a mystery shopping company. Shadow Shopper is not a mystery shopping company so you will never complete a shop for them. Think of it as a central database of shoppers that companies look to for new shoppers. I hope this helps.

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I started with Shadow Shoppers 6 years ago when they were free. I became Silver Certified with them. They had small tests which I learned from. They gave me my start, sent me many jobs in my area. Through them I learned which companies I wanted to register with (before forum), and I learned about doing reports. I don't know about having to pay the fee, things seem to have changed. Your other option is to look on this forum for companies, and register for small jobs in your area. I have nothing but good to say about Shadow Shoppers, but this is from awhile ago.

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I'd like to know why you used a link shortener to post your link rather than posting the company's actual link. That's typical of people trying to hide referral links. Why didn't not just link to them directly?

SuzieEntrata Wrote:
> I'm really new with mystery shopping. And I'm
> thinking of joining Shadow Shopper
> (, anyone here has already
> experienced with this company. You're opinion is
> badly needed...

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I used shadow shopper for my first month of shopping--it was a small fee and I got several good shops that month. I cancelled it after the first month. Thought it was a good return on my money and a good way to cut my teeth on mystery shopping. Good way to start out, but once you understand what you are doing, you don't need it.
Avoid it at all costs. I tried the free month. I thought I cancelled as requested and come to find out there are like seven layers of their web you have to go through to get cancelled and I got charged the $100 or so dollars as I did not correctly cancel their service. Not worth it at all. You can get most of the information for free just by browsing the web. I would recommend you spend the $15 dollars or so and get Silver Certification.
I wonder if you can fight it and get your money back. I'd dispute the charges on your credit card. That sounds like the deceptive web practices of some companies, now illegal.
no... its just in the small one really reads the contracts you just click the button saying you read and understand the contract... its a common practice... most notably the tv companies do it... they offer free hbo or whatever for 3 months... then after the 3 months they tack it on the bill ... you would be surprised how much people forget about it... most stuff for free are like that...

shopping north west PA and south west ny
I signed up with them when I first started shopping. Some of the articles were helpful. I never actually got a job through them but I got links to many shopping companies that had work in my area. I only stayed with them for a couple of months then I cancelled but I never regretted having signed with them. Just keep your affiliation short.
It's not worth the $99 a year. I received some good shops and learned about new companies but not enough to get my money back.
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