Had an interesting restaurant shop

Yes, leave something and show it prominently, not on the seat or they might think you just forgot it. At a sit down restaurant if your bill has not yet been paid perhaps that is a good signal although in a large place the bus people may not know your check status. Leaving a sweater or book at a movie theater works so that no one takes your seat so that is good at a food place too. If it is fast food or upscale fast food I would probably never leave my food on the table. I just pack it up when I am ready to go if I have leftovers and take it with me to the restroom. Even if I go to the refill kiosk at those places I keep my eye on my table if there is a line.
We are victims of our own business where we are reporting on enforcement of the quick table clearance rules.

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In regard to eating at a restaurant, not a fast food/casual, tell the wait staff you have to go to the rest room and will be right back. By making them aware of where you are going no one shall touch your food. I travel for business all the time and for years and I have always just told the person who took my order or a staff member if they were busy; my food has never been removed.
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