Can't get the Instant Reward Certificate for the cashier at the red and yellow gas station to print

I am assigned the Red and Yellow gas stations, and the shop has an instant reward certificate link for each station's cashier in the shop report. ....

Update....figured it out!!

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Okay...go to the form, and click on "yes" you were able to do the shop.....THEN the correct link in the on the link and the reward certificate will open in a new tab.
Well that's just dumb. And contrary to the reward instructions. You would only be answering YES after the shop is complete so you'd have access to the code too late. Thanks for pointing this out. Imagine how many shoppers might get stuck on site without a printer!

Pro (?) tip:
Before leaving home bring up the reward certificate on a device. Using an editing program, erase the location-specific code. Save. Print just a few to take with you and fill in the code by hand if and when you need to present one. 95% of the time you won't so unused certificates just waste a lot of ink and paper, at the shopper's expense.


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