$10 credit/debit research shops

@sestrahelena Google also said that Men can pregnant and that it happens more often than you think.

You can't trust everything on the internet.

I've seen an article or two that says you can't surcharge a debit card because of the Durbin Act. The fee to accept a debit card is lower than a credit card, but there is still a charge to the business. It seems that the processor has some fault if you can't charge a fee on debit cards. When you tap or insert the card, the cashier isn't looking at the card to see if it is a debit or not. The machine should be able to tell since it is processing the card.

I have experienced where the cashier did not charge a fee when I asked or complained about it.

Another search returned:
Merchants can charge a fee for using a debit card, but only if they charge a fee for all other forms of payment1. This is because some card networks prohibit merchants from adding a surcharge on debit card transactions. Merchants have to pay fees to accept debit cards, such as interchange fees, debit network fees, and payment processor fees. These fees vary depending on the card network, the issuing bank, and the payment processor.

@sestrahelena wrote:

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So basically they want 2 shops done for the same fee. More time in and more reporting.

@sestrahelena wrote:

They are posted now at $10 each with new instructions. You make two exact same purchases - one debit, the second cash. You can book them now but can't start till 11/6. Guess how I found out (I missed it somewhere in the overview).

No, they want proof that the store is charging extra on debit card purchases but not on cash purchases. From what I've googled, they can surcharge CREDIT card payments if there is signage but can never surcharge DEBIT cards under any circumstance. Per google, that is illegal. So we are creating cases for the CC company to go after small businesses (fines, lawsuits, who knows) who are in violation of that rule.

Sidebar - the MSC and CC issuer are making a killing on this project, no doubt. We are out there, risking our necks, getting their evidence for peanuts.

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Helena opines--the MSC and CC issuer are making a killing on this project, no doubt. We are out there, risking our necks, getting their evidence for peanuts.

Bob agrees--Awoman!!! I am very thankful to not have needs necessitating being a part of "we."
Momo, thank you for clarification. I really didn't do extensive research and certainly don't put a lot of faith in internet results! Either way, I have no doubt that there is a darn good, and profitable for some entity, reason behind the whole project, given the aggressivness with which they need specific information.
I personally love this project. Since they have come back I've only done it three in all were accepted. Seems as though they're not being as harsh with the accepting as they were before.
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