Service Intelligence exams

I am trying to pass the roast beef sandwich exam and have not been successful> If I email for help will they tell me which ones I am getting wrong? I hope so as the exam is 30 questions. Where do we get the info on the uniforms?

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It has been years since I did that, but their modules usually included the information. More frequently there was a problem with the test choices. They have been responsive to email.
I have taken exams and have kept the guideline open while taking them. There was a time I took an exam and was told I didn't pass which didn't make any sense because the answers were based on their written mateials. I contacted the company and it turned out there was a problem on their side and the person at the company put through a passing grade for me.
Lucky7s, I just went to take a look, and it doesn't let me see the exam because I passed it already long ago. I looked through the Tips area and the main thing about uniform I saw was name tags.
I gave up. I do not like that client products anyways. Thanks just the same. I passed the coffee exam immediately. So I can do that shop (if available). The convenient store exam is quite detailed also. I can study that one .... then attempt to pass the test. Arrrrg. At least I passed one. I read at Voliton that SI is not the same as it used to be.
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