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I would love to be apart of this great mystery shopper team, and be able to cruise as I do the work.
I was at a MSPA Gold Certification Gold workshop a few months ago. There was a shopper at our workshop who has been shopping for 20+ years and said that he frequently traveled and cruised for shopping companies in the past. But he stated that all of the cruise and better travel shops have not been available for some time now.
An acquaintance of mine, a retired English professor, goes on free cruises frequently, but she does it because she teaches on the cruise. She said that when she goes to the Panama Canal, her job is to research the canal and give 45-minute talks on it. She is vague about how to contact the companies. She said she does not contact the cruise lines directly. I have been very interested in this since I have experience in teaching, doing research and making speeches. Does anyone have any insight on this?
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