*Bonus Available* Authentic American food and Drink Restaurant- NY Levittown, Hubntington Station, Mass. Park

Hello Shoppers

Enjoy an authentic American food and legendary drinks, served with genuine personal service. contact sarah.hembree@a-closer-look.com or visit our website at www.a-closer-look.com for more details.

*In order to conduct this shop, you OR your guest MUST be 21-30 years old AND order an alcoholic beverage.
*If you (or your guest age 21-30) are not asked for ID when ordering alcohol, you MUST follow the instructions in the guidelines and present the provided compliance letter to the manager on duty AFTER your meal.
*You are required to thoroughly review the attached location guidelines and blank form or questionnaire in its entirety BEFORE attempting to conduct any part of this assignment. You are responsible for all material covered, and failure to read and abide by the instructions within will negate your shop.
*You are required to take photos during your shop - see Location Guidelines for further details.
*You are required to record your Pre Visit Call for this shop - see Location Guidelines for further details.

The ordering requirements for this shop are:
1 alcoholic beverage
2 different food items

Thank you,
A Closer Look.
text 731-602-9239

Sarah Hembree
Scheduler, A Closer Look
1-888-446-5665 ext 340

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