May and June Weekday/Weekend Golf Shops Available!

We fully reimburse you for your green, cart, and range fees plus pay you $45.00. You also get reimbursed $5 for Beverage Cart, $10 for Food and Beverages, and $10 for a Pro-Shop Purchase.

If you bring a guest you will be reimbursed an additional $5 for the beverage cart and an additional $10 for Food and Beverages.

This shop requires you to evaluate the entire course, including playing a full round of golf on the day of the shop. You must have golfed 3 times in the past year. Feel free to bring a friend along.

While you are there, you will evaluate the range, the pro-shop, beverage cart, and a food location. That way, the whole day is complete!

You must complete a Shop Quiz before you golf if you are new to this project, or if it is your first golf shop of the season.

There is an online evaluation form to complete when you return from the shop that requires you to upload receipts and upload AT LEAST four photos.

***** If you are unable to upload photos to the form you will be unable to perform the shop. This is a requirement! ******

This year shoppers are only allowed to complete 10 golf shops and they may only shop the same course twice.

You must specify the shop date(s) you are available when applying for BCG shops.

I look forward to working with you!

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