South West Florida Shoppers Connection ?

Any one interested in trying to share ideas down here in South Florida?
I am in Naples, but travel all over the Southern end of Florida. I was looking
for other shoppers who want to share jobs or just ideas. Now that the season's
over..... I am one of the only ones left down here !

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Hi Ronnie,

I'm new to Florida and new to mystery shopping. I have a lot of time on my hands right now and I would be willing to travel to meet you in Naples. I've never been down there anyway. I'm looking for any advice you can offer and I'll help you anyway I can (although I'm new and I don't know a lot, we can still share ideas).

You can email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sort of Southern but mostly Central West Tampa Bay area. 2 months new at MS. Making some BIG newbie mistakes but, I suppose that's how one learns to falling down. Anyway, only at it for 8 weeks now and doing about 4 assignments a day. So far no payments yet but, I understand it takes as long as 3 months in the beginning.
Hello again Floridians, I apologize, I never saw these messages. I am still open to meeting with anyone who is down here. I am always looking for someone to drag along on some of the more complicated evaluations. I have been doing all kinds of shops for many years, and would be happy to give out any advice that you need. I'd be happy to message text too if anyone wants too.
I'm in Tampa, as well, and new to MS. Any tips and/or advice is greatly appreciated. I will say that some of the schedulers are quite nasty. This is something for me to do for fun so I just delete the companies that are down right rude.

Nutrition Girl
Hi, I live in Lee County so I'm not too far from you. Would love to get together one of these days. Until then, you can email me My name is Yvette
Hi Ronnie
I plan to start shopping in Jan but I live the Disney World area. If anyone lives here I would like to meet you. Will need help.
My name is Marita
I'm an experienced NW shopper who winters in the south. This year it will be Florida. I'll be in Tampa, Orlando and Napes during December. Anyone got any tips about the area? I also do video and will share my experiences. .
Hi, I have an EVO500 and would love to accompany you to learn why I am having trouble getting it right !
or just get together for lunch near Naples while you are here.
Hi: I'm in Kissimee now and will be for two weeks. I'm staying in 2 different resorts (one week each). I have a car and am mobile or you can visit here. Would love to chat with another shopper.
Mary Beth
Aww this is a heartwarming thread. I'm a panhandle girl who has moved to the NE US. I miss y'all!
Sorry I didn't check this site often enough. I'm leaving Kissimmee tomorrow, the 16th. I'll be in Naples from Dec. 20th thru Jan. 5th. I promise to check this site daily. I hope to connect with someone there. I otherwise don't know anyone in Naples and will be house and pet sitting during that time.
My husband is working a lot so I'll be glad to meet you for lunch or dinner.... I'll hook us up with a few shops if you want to do some ????
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