Kudos to Erika at Ace Mystery shopping!

I want to say how much I appreciate Erika at Ace Mystery shopping. I'm always impressed with how quickly I get a response to any issue I email them about and they are great, efficient and helpful. (Wish the shops paid a little more, but it is what it is. )

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Ace was the second company for which I completed shops. Menu Audits. It was Erika that took a chance on, the rookie that I was back then. I only completed 1 Menu Audit (of the 4 I had scheduled) that first time out. Erika is the one that got me back on the horse. I was asked to leave by the staff at those other locations. I did not really want to go back! But I had made a committment. Erika was the one that told me about the covert Camera aps. I use them for other shops now! ACE is also the only company for which I did not complete one assignment. I just could not get those photos without outing myself! Sorry Erika. I would do more work for you, but I just do not like the Menu Audits. Too stressful for me. LOL. Thanks for helping me get my feet wet in this business!

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
Love Erika! I have even had the privilege to meet her in person and hang out with her a few days in New Orleans when we were both at the IMSC conference. smiling smiley

Deva Roberts
Director of Operations
ACE Mystery Shopping
Erika is the best!!! She's totally professional, fun to talk to and extremely accommodating to answering any problems or special requests.
I agree. There seems to be a cadre of schedulers who combine professionalism with a personal touch. Makes it seem like you are not just a number.

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Yep. Erika is great. There aren't a lot of ACE shops in my area, but I am always comfortable that things will go okay when I do anything for her.
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