Kudos to Kim at Coyle

I just realized that after scheduling a couple of assignments with Coyle, I have not heard (read?) Kim's (Kimberly Hofbauer) friendly voice over emails for a while now. I looked her up on Linkedin and it seems that as of January 2016, Kim is no longer with Coyle. This is a bit too late but kudos to Kim for all her work with Coyle, for answering last minute questions, giving compliments when I was a new (and nervous) shopper, and for offering some great assignments (like a trip to Bora Bora!). Thanks for all your work Kim and I hope you know that your friendly voice over email is missed.

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I miss Kim, and Arthur as well. LinkedIn says that he left to pursue his own business (http://www.soarigami.com/) and that she is freelancing and involved with [ladies-of-the-heart.org]. Sorry to see her leave Coyle, but maybe she is doing something that is more important to her.

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Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.

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