MY Thank you list

I am just about to start my second year and it has been fun and frustrating but I have had help along the way so I have a KUDOS list for great helps in this industry,

Darrius Jackson @ SeeLevelHX is patient and encouraging and HE is AWESOME Thank you for the help.

Erica @ Bare International has guided and helped Thank you

I have counted many times on Julie Posner at CSE and she has always guided me well.

Jennifer Lentz at Second to None is GREAT..I have survived on her help so a BIG THANK you to JL!!

Julie Jackson at BMA another that I will say is great she is so helpful!!

Angelia Lewis ...Thank you!! You brought me to iss..your awesome lady!

Austin Nelson I believe you are a Intellishop favorite with my car shops I would not have finish if not for you!

I could not and would not deal with the whinny people that have to reschedule and have no idea what the heck they are doing so all you that have brought me through my first interesting year......THANK YOU!!!!

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