SeeLevel's Mindy Alvarez

Wow! Mindy is a force of nature. I was handling a complex shop for a new client that fell apart on site. It involved "buying" a very expensive product that turned out to cost more than the budged allowance. Staying within the budget was a key component of the shop. I was looking at an invalid shop and a product I could not return. I also would not be able to file my report by the deadline. It would be my first invalid shop in more than four years of shopping.

Mindy got back to me first thing in the morning and said not to worry. She checked with the client and, by the end of the day, I got a go-ahead for the purchase, bought the item and filed the report. Thanks, Mindy, for making this shop a go!
(Edited to tighten scenario.)

Shopping SoCal and Maui.

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