Shout-out to Kim Troli

There is a topic for her already, but it is closed. So, I just had to give her another compliment here.

I am so impressed by her quick and sensible response to my e-mail on a Saturday morning. Just a little while ago, I sent a question about some strange thing I saw on my Ipsos home page.

Thinking it would possibly take until Monday before I would hear anything, I started some other tasks at my work station. Then I went to check other e-mails and saw that Kim had responded only three minutes after I had sent my inquiry.

Not only did she respond, but she gave me a much more thorough explanation than I usually get from a Scheduler. It seems others have been having the same trouble as me.

It was reassuring to be told they were working on the problem and to be given my options for resolving it to my satisfaction.

Way to go, Kim.

"All we want are the facts." Sgt. Joe Friday

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