Shoutout to Stericycle

Today I completed my first assignment with stericycle. I accepted a shop a few days ago, however when accepting it I accidentally chose the location that was an extra ten miles away, instead of the one I had meant to choose right below it.

I called stericycle today when I realized it and Cristina (I think that was her name, I didn't quite catch it, I was worrying), was quickly able to fix this for me with no problems, no hassle. I thought it was really nice of her as it was my fault that I selected the wrong location.

While my report hasn't been reviewed yet, I know that I'll work with stericycle in the future.

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When they were CORI, they were so bad. Nice to see such a change! I just got my first payment from them, earlier than expected. I, too, will continue to work with them. The assignments were straightforward, not difficult, and paid well.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
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