Kudos to Karen, a Shopper Advocate at Market Force's Help Desk. I had a problem with my report this afternoon because of what appeared to be some kind of glitch. I went ahead and submitted and emailed the Help Desk. I got a response in less than an hour from Karen, who fixed the problem and thanked me for reporting the issue. Fast and professional response - thank you, Karen and Market Force.

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I had trouble with my report for Market Force last night too. It took me more than 2 hours to do a short gas shop! So frustrating. I couldn't even load the Help Desk page. I had to refresh the page over and over to finally get it to work. Glad to know it wasn't just me.
Yes I agree! I just got a response from her about a question I had, and she was very nice. Thank you Karen!
Kudos to Simone and Debbie C, shopper Advocates at Market Force, for very prompt and professional assistance.
Kudos to Karen! I accidentally clicked the wrong button in uploading my CPI, and was prevented from doing so because of my snafu. I ended up uploading it with some other photos, hoping for the best. Then I emailed the Help Desk and explained what happened. By the end of the day, I received an email from Karen, stating that she found the CPI, and put it where it belonged. And the reported was approved! So THANK YOU, KAREN!! You have been MOST kind!
My complex had a internet outage all day. I had to go to Panera to do my report and as always, Jeff at Inn@Out was as gracious as can be, although I wasn't late, I was scared, it had to be in today.

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