My car broke down last week. I e-mailed all the schedulers/MSCs that I had shops scheduled for this week. I got replies ranging from "WHEN can you complete the shops?" to "We're at deadline, and have removed the shops from your shop log". Annie Farley at Alta, though, e-mailed that she was sorry I was having trouble, she has rescheduled my shops, and to let her know if I need them extended further out.

WTG, Annie, treating shoppers like real people!

Just hope my car gets fixed in time to get the shops done for her!

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That’s great! I’ve had communication with a few schedulers from there as well and they are very helpful and friendly!
I work with this company. The agents are very understanding. I have health and car issues that have hampered me sometimes, but I get them re-scheduled with no problem.
regarding Alta 360 - YMMV...while they 'appear ' to be thoughtful at times..... they have also been known to delete shops previously awarded at a higher rate (after they asked for and accepted offers), when a lower offer comes in a few days after the fact....I had read about it on these forums but then it happened to me....kinda makes it hard to schedule oneself! Chalk that up under a MSC trying to make a few extra bucks.
I dump companies and/or schedulers that treat shoppers like low-skilled "objects." I only work for good companies that are understanding that shoppers have lives as well. There is more than enough work to reward only the good companies with my time.
I'm so happy to hear this about Alta360.

I have just done a few shops for them...glad to hear they treat us well. Will make me shop them even more smiling smiley
Annie is awesome and truly cares about people and their situations when they arise as we all know life happens.
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