$20.00 Shop Walmart - Headphones & Bluetooth Speakers THIS WEEKEND!! PA, MO, IL, OH

It's the weekend and you will be out running errands! Make $20 while you get your shopping done at Walmart!
Here is what we need you to do:

Walmart - Headphones & Bluetooth Speakers

Evaluate their sales/recommendation skills and product knowledge. You will wait for a salesperson to approach you and ask for assistance with headphones and bluetooth speakers. You will need to listen for brand recommendations.

This visit can only be performed between 10am and 6pm daily.

A purchase will not be necessary.

A proof of shop (clear and sharp image of the FULL BOSE product displays in the store) need to be uploaded in your report. One photo will be of the headphones/bluetooth speaker display and the other will be of the Solo 5 Soundbar home audio display.
Interested? Email me at malvarez@bareinternational.com

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