SoCal: $88-$220 Hollywood Studios Tours, Trolley & S.E.A.L. Tours, - Shops Open with Extra Pay

Do you enjoy getting paid to have FUN with friends & family? Well then - we've got the shops for you!

Total Shopper Payment usually covers ALL required purchases, often leaving PROFIT even AFTER you and your guests have had loads of fun enjoying these popular venues with expenses paid!


Several shops have EXTRA PAY added for completion ASAP.

Los Angeles CA 91505 $220 including $20 EXTRA PAY and $5 Early Return Bonus - Major Movie & TV Production Studio Tours in Hollywood | Guest NOT Required

San Diego CA 92110 $85 including $5 Early Return Bonus - Trolley & S.E.A.L (Sea-to-Land Vehicle) Tours | Guest NOT Required

COUPONS, DISCOUNTS AND SPECIAL PROMOTIONS may be allowed if authorized by scheduler.

Too far? Check out this amazing interactive map to plan out ROUTE SHOPS and get the most out of your travels!

Not interested or available? Earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and completes a shop for our company.

NEW SHOPPERS: After submitting a new shopper profile/application, you must REQUEST the shop via the search results page on the online Job Board. You cannot be assigned if you do not request! If you need help email or call for assistance.

View the details and apply at:

· Click Shopper's Login

· Go to Search Shops

· If you aren't registered, click Become A Shopper to register.

If a shop is already assigned but not yet completed, be sure to request to be a BACKUP SHOPPER in case the shop reopens for any reason.

We pay via PayPal in 21-28 days. We offer shopper self-assign on many of our assignments. Most assignments are released on the SECOND WEEKEND of each month.

Please email or call me if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you!

Kendra Kane
Project Manager - Scheduler
Amusement Advantage, Inc.

800-362-9946, ext 125

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