Have a delicious chicken lunch today!

Enjoy a delicious lunch and drinks at a popular establishment in Mt. Pleasant and West Ashley areas! You wil be reimubrse up to $40 and 15% gratuity. A pre-visit call is required. If you are interested, please apply at www.a-closer-look. com

Steps to Apply if you are not already a registered member:
1) Visit the website [www.a-closer-look.com]
2) Click “Become a Shopper”
3) Fill out email verification and check your email (spam too) for our application link
4) Be prepared to take a test and submit a writing sample
5) Put my name in the box that says, "How You Heard About Us." --My name: ILISSA
6) Let me know once you fill out your application!! Email me at ilissa.nelsen@a-closer-look.com
7) If you get a message that says there are no shops available at this time, please email me so I can manually enter your application into our system
7) By Using my Name on Your Application -- this will expedite your application
Here is an example of a writing sample (do NOT copy and paste…the application will be void): We arrived at the restaurant at 5:30 PM. We were seated at the bar for happy hour. Five other guests were seated as well. It took 5 minutes before the bartender, Sue (female, 5’8”, long wavy brown hair, early 20s), greeted us, filled our water glasses and asked to take our drink order. Our drinks, which were two glasses of wine and a martini, were delivered 5 minutes later. Sue asked to take our order at that point. My guests ordered a pizza, a meatball and a side salad. I ordered antipasti and a side salad. The entire order was delivered 20 minutes later. During this time, Sue did not check our water glasses or drinks to see if we needed refills or a second round. I had accidentally knocked over my glass of wine and cleaned it up with my napkin. Sue took away my soaked napkin but did not offer me a fresh one. The pizza was delivered on a small round plate. The side salads arrived with the dressing on the side. The meatball had its own small plate, and the antipasti came out on a small wooden cutting board. The items were all well prepared and not oversalted or overseasoned. At 5:55 PM, the guests next to us were asked if they would like another round before happy hour ended. However, we were not asked. No one asked how the food was after it arrived. Five minutes after we were finished eating, Sue inquired if we were ready for the check. She delivered it within 3 minutes, and everything on the bill was accurate. We paid the tab and departed. On our way out, the hostess (female, 5’3”, blonde hair in ponytail, mid 20s) told us to have a great night and to come back and see them soon.

Let me know as soon as you are done!


Ilissa Nelsen, Scheduler
A Closer Look [www.a-closer-look.com]
email: ilissa.nelsen@a-closer-look.com
Voicemail: 888-446-5665 x293
Text: 860-506-5470

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