Get paid $14.50 for this fun tech store shop! CA,FL, IL, NE, TX ,WA


Can you help us with this shop? It can be completed 2/7-2/11 and is paying $14.50!

Shop information:

Bose Showroom - Home Theater System or Wireless Speakers - Targeted Associate Interaction

This assignment entails visiting a retail store and the Bose Showroom within that store. Once inside the evaluator will be evaluating their demonstration skills and product knowledge. You will be interacting with a targeted associate. You will also need to observe the Bose Showroom, its overall appearance, the displays of the Bose systems, and the targeted staff member you interact with.

This visit can only be performed when the target associate is scheduled to work. Review link in guidelines for timing and days of the week. Do not attempt to shop when associate is not scheduled or we will be unable to use your assignment.

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