Can you help with a Senior Living Tour shop?

We have a Senior Living shop in your area. For this shop you need to be over the age of 45. There is a $50 payment for this shop.
Important things to note:-Pre Visit Call required. This is recorded using our system.
-Take a tour
-Photos required make sure to ask the sales/marking persons permission first.

Thanks for your help!
Ilissa Nelsen, SchedulerA Closer Look [www.a-closer-look.comemail]: ilissa.nelsen@a-closer-look.comVoicemail: 888-446-5665 x293Text: 860-506-5470

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I finished my sign up tonight with A Closer look and will be waiting for the test results. I am very interested in the Senior Living shops. Thank you, Sharon Barton Quintana,
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