Dallas Texas Come play Giant Jenga and Enjoy a Delicious Lunch or Dinner

Dallas, Texas April 2018
40.00 Lunch or Dinner reimbursement.
A Closer Look will reimburse you for your meal in exchange for your report!
Fun Atmosphere! Arcade, Giant Jenga, Karaoke, Sports and More!
Large Outdoor Patio! Great Prices for Drinks!!
Have you ever had a pickle shot???

You OR your guest must be ages 21 - 35 years old.

Please, submit your application: [www.a-closer-look.com]

Please, enter my name ~Jackie~ on the ~How did you hear about us ~ line of your application.
I will expedite your application.
Thanks! Jackie, Scheduler A Closer Look

Jacqueline Biles
Independent Scheduler for Primo Solutions
Apartment and Senior Living Shops
Follow me on Facebook for NEW SHOPS:
Jackie Scheduler

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