Concert and Bar shop in Myrtle Beach

Hi Shoppers!
We have an opportunity for you to treat a guest to an amazing Bar / Concert !
- Your shop MUST be conducted in THE MAIN CONCERT VENUE / MAIN STAGE and NOT in any other area.
- Please review the available concerts for the current month PRIOR to assigning the shop. Notification MUST be sent to as soon as your tickets have been purchased.
- You will be reimbursed for 2 (two) tickets to any show at the venue up to $70 - You will be reimbursed for food and drinks at the bar up to $60
- You MUST make a pre-visit call to the location to inquire about the show you wish to attend.
- Tickets MUST be purchased in person, at the box office or online, well in advance of the show date. If you purchase online, pick up at the box office in order to interact with box office staff.
The shop will be assigned on the dates listed. The dates will be changed AFTER the tickets have been purchased and the proof of purchase emailed in.
Ilissa Nelsen, SchedulerA Closer Look [www.a-closer-look.comemail]: ilissa.nelsen@a-closer-look.comVoicemail: 888-446-5665 x293Text: 860-506-5470

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