Italian restaurant shops in Madison, Wisconsin

Enjoy an Italian Dinner! Shop alone or with guests.

• You can go by yourself or can take 1-3 guests with you.
• If it is a dinner shop, you will be reimbursed up to $16 per guest in their party (1-4 guests in a party). If it is a lunch shop, the reimbursement fee is $11 per guest.
• Anything from the menu can be ordered, but at least ONE entree should be the required item you will find on the form for someone in the party.
• A photo of EACH meal, salad, soup and bread must be taken and uploaded on the form BEFORE you eat it.

If interested, please sign up with our company, SeeLevel HX at and then self assign the shop(s) you are interested in.


Dina Messina
SeeLevel HX
1718 Peachtree St NW | Suite 550 | Atlanta, GA 30309
Driving a Human Experience That Exceeds All Others.

Dina Messina
SeeLevel HX
Driving a Human Experience That Exceeds All Others.

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