Bonus Added! Gas Station Mystery Shops and Audits in Baird, Big Springs, Ranger, Roscoe & Winters TX!

Intouch Insight is looking for interested shoppers to complete Mystery Shops and Audits at Convenience Stores in Iowa. These assignment is very easy to complete!

For the Mystery shops you will be required to make a small purchase of your choice and evaluate the service at the location.

For the Audits you will evaluate the cleanliness of the location, the availability of certain products and various other standards.

Intouch Insight uses the platform to post all of our available opportunities. We pay our shoppers every other Friday via PayPal and share this platform with over 20 different MSPA members.

Locations available;
Baird TX 79504
Big Spring TX 79720
Ranger TX 76470
Roscoe TX 79545
Winters TX 79567

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