Valet Parking and Bell Service shop in Orlando, FL 32801

Reality Based Group is Valet Parking and Bell Service shop in Orlando, FL 32801

The required time frame is any day between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

For this shop you will be valet parking your car AND using the Bell Service to store your bag. You will be using the scenario that you are waiting for a friend to go to a meeting somewhere else and plan to check in later, but need to check the bag for now.

After you valet and check your bag, go somewhere at the other end of the lobby, out sight from the Bell Stand.

You should receive one claim ticket for your car and one for your bag. Do NOT leave your car or bag without getting a claim ticket. While you are waiting, use your cell phone to take pictures of each claim ticket. Please be discreet.

After 45 minutes, return and retrieve your bag and car. If asked, your plans changed and you are meeting your friend somewhere else.

You will need to get the names and descriptions (race, gender, height, hair color, age, glasses, facial hair) of the valet attendants and dispatcher.

PAYMENT is $17.00 plus up to $22.00 reimbursement for valet and $4.00 for tip ($2.00 Valet and $2.00 Bell Service). You must pay with CASH.

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in this shop; please contact or apply at

Christina Harhalos
Reality Based Group

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