Shop Pay $10 with a $5 Reimbursement - Any Maverik and Stripes Convenience Store Near You

Visa Shops Near You - Shop Pay $10 with a $5 Reimbursement:

Pick one or more shops and do them locally today.

Any Maverik Convenience Store near you:
Any Stripes Convenience Store near you:

We have a Quick Visa Shop if you are interested, please contact me ASAP to get started. This shop is a self-assign shop with a two question test, to make sure you qualify for the shop. Plus the survey is short.

You will visit the location Near you and make a small purchase of $5.00 using your smartphone with Visa credit/debit card loaded or Visa credit/debit card with contactless technology. You will also need to take photos of the store entrance, cashier lane, and terminal screen. Shop Pay $10.00 with a $5.00 reimbursement.

If you can pick up more than one (1) and want to make a route, even better! OR if you know someone who would be interested in making easy money, send them my way. If you like more details contact me at

If you are not yet signed up with us, please go to the below link and create your shopper profile to get started.


Any question please contact me:

Thank you,

Join our Mystery Shopper panel:

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