Payment Increase! $17.00 tasty pizza shop. Order, pickup and enjoy!

Dear Evaluator,
BARE International, is conducting Mystery Shops at your local pizza place where they have 100% fresh dough, 100% of the time!
This visit can only be performed during opening hours Monday to Sunday.
Do not visit the store during the first hour after opening and the last hour before closing.


Special requirements
Be sure to have access to a high- resolution camera & a printer.
For this evaluation, you will need to place a phone order for a pizza, following all of the client’s requirements. Please make sure to only select from the approved list of toppings found in the guidelines. After placing the order, you will need to pick up the pizza within the quoted time you were given.
A purchase of a large ‘create your own’ pizza with one or two toppings is required. You will be fully reimbursed as long as it meets the requirements outlined in the guidelines.
Proof of shop
The pizza images are the most important part of this audit. For this assignment you have to take a photo of pizza and of your receipt form (provided in the guidelines). As soon as you pick up your pizza and return home please take photos of the pizza. You need to peel off the sticker that comes on your pizza box and attached it to the Receipt Form (found in guidelines).
The first step is to get signed up as an auditor in our database by copy and pasting this into your web browser [].

Once you have signed up you will have access to a variety of projects to choose from in your area with unlimited earning potential [].

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

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