Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg unique restaurant!

This restaurant has always been known for its outrageous, surly, energetic waitstaff who inflict humor upon guests. The atmosphere makes everyone feel like they’re temporarily breaking all the rules. . . and getting away with it. This is a very fun shop!

-You must visit the bar before or after your meal in the dining area. If you visit
before, you MUST arrive without your guest so it seems natural to wait. Otherwise, you must complete the bar visit after your meal.
-You must order at least one alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage per person. You must obtain a receipt for this purchase in order to be reimbursed and for verification of completion of the bar visit.
At the Table in the Dining Room:
1 appetizer
2 DIFFERENT entrees - all entrees include side item(s)
2 Beverages of your choice - alcoholic OR non-alcoholic
-You must check the restroom for cleanliness/supplies.

Reimbursement is $85!
Visit A Closer Look Mystery Shopping Company | A Closer Look to sign up to be a shopper! Already a shopper? Email me or text me for more information

Text- (931) 810-1144

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