Bonus on all shops in NY state this week with SEC! Locations listed below.

Payment: $25-$40 plus a $3 BONUS each on all health insurance shops in NY state (Locations below) completed by 7/13. Bonus added after successful completion.

Scenario: For these shops you will meet with a targeted enroller for health insurance following the schedule on our site. This is a health insurance inquiry only, so you are going to the scheduled location to see if the health insurance rep is there and can answer your questions. You will take location pictures and fill out the report. Please log in at, search by state and you will be able to self assign after a brief certification quiz for the Client, or contact for more information at I can send you the schedule for you area if you need it. Thanks! Locations:




-Niagara Falls 








-Port Jervis 


-Westchester County 

-All 5 boroughs

Heather Baty
Service Evaluation Concepts

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