$18 Hotel Valet Parking Shops in Florida - 40 minute stay, 10 minute report

Servimer started the month with over 120 shops in Florida and we're down to the last two.
This would be a great time to "break into" Servimer's pool of go-to shoppers in order to secure recurring monthly assignments.
Sarasota and Bonita Springs both have a single Servimer hotel valet parking shop left.
You can visit any day, any time between now and August 30.
Pay = $18 PLUS full reimbursement of parking fee and tips.
40 minutes minimum parking stay... no maximum (still with full fee reimbursement).
Report is all yes/no with two single-paragraph narratives... 10 minutes to complete.
Apply at Servimer.Shopmetrics.com or through your Gigspot account.

Serving as liaison between Servimer and the larger mystery shopping community. (Servimer.shopmetrics.com)

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